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Do you like spicy food? If the answer is yes, Mapo Tofu will be a good choice for you to make at home conveniently. It is a kind of traditional Chinese spicy food with a long history. Mapo Tofu gained popularity when a pock-marked woman living near the Wanfu Bridge opened and ran a small restaurant there in the 19th century. That’s why it is called Mapo Tofu. (Mapo means pock-marked women) Many Chinese people, female and male, young and old, are fond of this dish. As time goes by, Mapo Tofu has been adapted into many styles and spread all over the world. Not only for its special palatable taste, but also for the abundant nutritive value. It helps cleanse your stomach and intestines. Mapo Tofu is an easy one to learn among varieties of Chinese dishes. What you need to do is just following three steps below.
First of all, the most basic thing is preparing the ingredients. Because of the large Asian population in United States, Asian markets can be seen everywhere. For example, In San Diego you can get all ingredients which the dish needs in 99 Ranch Market. When selecting the tofu, what you should pay attention to is the kind of tofu. According to my experience, the tender ones will be more suitable for this dish. If you are still not sure how to choose the
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Sauce which decides the final taste is the most fatal factor in Mapo Tofu. You should heat wok until it is hot and then add in the oil. The amount of oil depends on the amount of tofu. After that doubanjiang should be add into the wok. Fry them until doubanjiang turns golden. Cayenne pepper that is the most significant sauce can be added. If you are addicted to spicy food, you can add in more Cayenne pepper. What I want to tell you is adding it within your ability. After adding in the pepper, soy and soup-stock should be added until everything stays under the water. Generally speaking, the sauce is finished after accomplishing these steps. Let’s begin our next

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