Maquiladoras In Mexico Summary

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APHG Chapter 11 Notes Maquiladoras in Mexico -Maquiladora -> maquilar: To receive payment for grinding or processing corn -Usually paid minimum wage • Live in shacks or huts near their company’s factory -More than 1,000 U.S. companies have Maquiladora’s in Mexico I. Where Did Industry Originate? -Originated in northern England in the 18th century. -Diffused to Europe and North America in the 19th century and the rest of the world in the 20th century A. The Industrial Revolution -Industrial Revolution - Series of improvements in industrial technology that transformed the process of manufacturing goods. • Resulted in new social, economic, and political inventions. • Started in the UK in the late 1700s. Cottage Industry – Home based…show more content…
was predominantly an agricultural society, dependent on manufactured goods from Britain • Manufacturing was more expensive in the U.S. due to labor and capital being scarce, and shipping to European markets was expensive -1860: The U.S. had become the major industrial nation II. Where Is Industry Distributed? -Approximately three-fourths of the world’s industrial production is concentrated in four regions: eastern North America, northwestern Europe, Eastern Europe, and East Asia A. North America -Concentrated in the northeastern quadrant of the U.S. and in the southeastern Canada • Combination of historical and environmental factors + essential raw materials Industrialized Areas Within North…show more content…
• At a national scale: Most assembly plants are located in the interior of the US, between Michigan and Alabama; known as “auto alley” -Beverage bottling is an industry that adds bulk. • Empty cans and bottles are brought in, filled with drink, then shipped to the consumer Because water is located where consumers live, they build factories closer to where • people live so they don’t have to ship water. Single Market Manufacturers -Single-market manufacturers make products sold primarily in one location. • Buyers from department stores or individual clothing stores going to New York and buying clothes that they will sell in the season -They need to be as close as possible to the customers. Ship, Rail, Truck, or Air? -Long distance transportation is cheaper per kilometer in part because firms must pay workers to load goods on and off vehicles • Loading and unloading expenses differ for each mode -Trucks are used for short-distance delivery and trains for longer distance, trucks are used more because they can be loaded and unloaded faster • Ship transport is attractive for very long distances, because the cost per kilometer is less • Air is the most
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