Maranatha Mission Trip

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Vivid colors envelop the massive airplane that encloses me as it flies leisurely to the awaiting ground. I gaze out of the hazy window at the end of my aisle and search for the airport where we will finally land. As we draw nearer to the expanding ground, I can spot the mesmerizing capital, Panama City, and eventually I can see clearly the individual trees and plants that make up Panama’s unique foliage. Bump! Our plane has now landed, and my Maranatha mission team begins a stunning exploration that will change our lives forever. Our first night in Panama is one of grandeur and excellence; which are two things you would not expect to experience on a single mission trip. The hotel we are staying at is filled with illuminating chandeliers, ornamental rooms, and lavish halls. The very next day, after taking a much shorter flight to the rustic town of David, we arrive at our final destination, Paradise Inn. Filled with thick vegetation, countless flowers, and two gorgeous swimming pools, the sight of this inn certainly lives up to its name. My room is small with three sheeted beds lined up in a single row. A picture of an elephant walking in the stunning grasslands of Africa rests on the wall. The floor is a bit dirty, and the bathroom is less than pleasant…show more content…
On one very adventurous day, we travel to a lovely garden and waterfall. The garden seems to be tumbling over with flowers of all different colors. Random bridges cover small bodies of water throughout the premises. Many of the tall trees are actually bearing orange fruits, which can be seen only if you are looking hard enough. When we arrive at the waterfall, I am forced look up to even spot its beginning. Water tumbles down multiple rocks until it meets its end and drains into a nearby river. A log branches out over the small pond at the waterfall’s end, and green leaves surround the thin trail of water right above it. It is a marvelous sight to

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