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When outfitting a church or temple with an appropriate altar, you may wonder why so many designers recommend marble altars instead of wood ones. While both materials can be ornate, marble rises above wood with its numerous attributes. Read about why marble is better than wood is for altars here in this information.

Unique Veining

The various types of wood contain their own grain patterns that add ambiance to an altar, but these grain patterns are not as unique as the veining that runs through slabs of marble. Veins form in the marble while it is still forming in the ground from the mineral impurities such as sand, silt, iron oxides, chert or clay. The colour of the veins
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It will stand up to regular use without the need for refurbishing longer than wood does, for the most part. Marble does not warp, fade or chip in comparison to wood. If you select wood for your altar, you will need to have professionals refinish it or replace it after just a few years of use. On the other hand, marble will only require re-sealing periodically to conserve its attractive appearance and ideal condition. Marble Provides a Formal Ambiance

Marble offers a formal ambiance when artisans transform it into an altar. An altar that is completely of marble is the ideal enhancement for the sanctuary of a place of worship. Whether the religious leaders are lighting candles, preaching or reading scriptures or scrolls from it, a marble altar will almost steal your attention away from the religious activities going on around or from it.

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