Marble Chapp Short Story Analysis

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Have you ever read the story Marble Champ? The story is filled with fun, competition and suspense. In the story Marble Champ by: Gary Soto there is a girl named Lupe Medrano she was never good at sports and she would felt bad over not being good at sports. All across the world people face not being talented in sports or other competitive activities and in this story Lupe is one of those people. But, Lupe was a very smart character. She would win almost every school award and would get perfect attendance. One day as she sat on her bed stressing over not being good at sports she picked up some marbles and at the word marbles, she got an idea. “That’s it. Maybe I could be good at playing marbles.” said Lupe. In the story Marble Champ I think the theme is, determination can lead to success. This is a good, strong theme because she practiced and she was motivated. And all around the world if people are determined they too can be successful.

The theme is determination can lead to success. This is the theme because Lupe’s determination lead her to success because she practiced. One
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The first example how Lupe is motivated is when she got motivation from her dad. Her dad motivated her because he had plans to go to a racquetball tournament but, he decided to skip it and cheer his daughter on. This shows how if Lupe’s dad wanted Lupe to be successful then he would need to motivate her to do good in marbles. The next example how Lupe was motivated is when she beat a competitor and right away say ‘good game’ and ask if she wanted to hang out with her for the day. “Lupe invited the girl, whose name was Rachel to stay with them”. And she cheered Lupe on. This quote shows how if Lupe wanted to be successful and win she would need all of the motivation she could get. All of this evidence shows how Lupe’s motivation lead her to
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