Swot Analysis Of Marble Slab Creamery

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Marble Slab Creamery was first founded in Houston, Texas in 1983. The purpose of this report is to show how does Marble Slab Creamery became so successful. Structure of report: Introduction company background PESTLE analysis Porter's 5 forces Strategic Recommendations Conclusion reference list Company Background Basically MSC sells ice-creams, ice-cream cakes and waffles. All of MSC products are freshly made to fellow aficionados. MSC have two forms of ice-cream the first one is called "Original Creation" where customer choose their own ice-cream flavor and their own toppings to mix in their ice-cream. The second is called "Tasty Creation" where customer get to choose a large variety of pre-mix flavored ice-creams from MSC menus.…show more content…
Company's operations Getting their ice-cream freshly made in the factory later it would be sent to all the other outlets for sale. Ice-cream would be serve to their customer and employees would mix the ice-cream with "mix-ins" if the customer requested any of them. PESTLE analysis PESTLE stands for - Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, Environmental. PESTLE analysis is a useful tool for understanding a 'big picture' of the environment in which an organization is operating. (PESTLE analysis. (2013, October 13). PESTLE analysis. Retrieved , from ) Why conducting a PESTLE analysis is important. To help make decisions and to plan for future events. A useful to for understanding risks associated with market growth or decline. Able to find out where the organization or product is in the context of what is happening outside that will at some point affect what is happening inside an organization. The conduct of my analysis will be shown on the table below. Political Economic Sociological Technological Legal Environmental Democracy…show more content…
(December30, 2013) Weather and climate in Singapore. Retrieved from Corruption level is very important in any kind of businesses, so having a low corruption level in Singapore is a good thing. Employees would not get bribe for example, customer would eventually tip the employees, if the employees accept consumer's tips and soon they would be friends and customer would not pay for their ice-creams. Having unemployment rate at 2% is a great thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that the more people that are working, more income workers would earn so MSC merchandise could be sold at a price that are equivalent to worker's income. The bad thing would not having and employees to work under MSC's company. Singaporeans always go for promotion as their very thrifty about the things they buy. But Singapore is a multi-racial company so the flavors must go according to consumers liking and religions. Smartphone usage are very high in Singapore so advertising through social media could be a very good idea. There are Wi-Fi in almost all the cafes in Singapore and there a loads of huge TVs along orchard road so advertising would not be a
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