Marble Tup Analysis

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Have you ever practiced so hard at something it lead to success? In the story Marble Champ by Gary Soto Lupe practices all throughout the story and it lead her to success. For example, she practices marbles, also she has success in school. This never would have happened if she never found out about marbles. It all started of when she was a very shy girl but great at school, but she was no good at any sports. She was not able to ride a bike, swim, roller skate, or even catch a pop fly.Then one day she was pouting in her room she said “I’ll never be good at sports” then a great idea clicked in her head maybe I can play marbles Lupe said. First off, one way Lupe’s practice lead to success was that she practiced hard on marbles. For example, she practiced everyday to get her aim right and her brother helped her by saying “ think eye and thumb and let it rip”. Next, she squeezed a rubber eraser one hundred times and squeezing it for an hour. Lastly, she won every round in marbles without giving up. Squeezing an eraser hard even though it hurt she was willing to do anything for her thumb to get stronger. For instance she also practiced her aim over and over again shows how she won’t give up to get better. Finally, winning the marbles championship with all of her practice it shows how dedicated she is to marbles.…show more content…
For example, Lupe won all the different awards in school like when she won the summer reading contest three summers in a row, and being the top student in her piano recital. For instance, she never missed a single day of school but “ not counting kindergarten, when she had been stung by a wasp- never missed a day of school. At the end, winning all of the awards in school shows how hard working she can be .For instance, never missing a day of school shows how dedicated she can be at
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