Marc Anthony In Julius Caesar

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare “Honorable men…” Marc Antony. After Caesar’s murder, the conspirators gather with Marc Antony, Caesar’s right hand man and best friend, to discuss what they want to do to justify their killing of Julius Caesar. They decide to let their leader, the first to stab Caesar in the back, Brutus speech at the funeral and gain the appeal of the people of Rome so they won’t be killed just like Julius Caesar. They also allow Marc Antony to speak at the funeral because the conspirators believe that Marc Antony is on their side. What they don’t know is that Marc Antony is seeking revenge for his friend’s murder and intends to rile up the people of Rome against Brutus and his gang. The question is, whose
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Marc Antony waits until the people are quiet, then he speaks in a soft voice when he tells them of his favorite memories of Caesar’s victories. He also says, : Don’t blame the conspirators, for they are honorable men…” with as much sarcasm as he can to follow his promise not to speak ill of the conspirators to Brutus. He also show the omans Caesar’s will, he tells them that he should not read it though, kind of like a dog chasing a bone on a stick, and the Romans beg him to read it. Marc Antony tells them that Caesar thought of the people as his heirs, and that this “Ambitious man” is giving the people of Rome a fair amount of his riches and his parks, walkways, etc. for the romans to enjoy. Marc Anthony also shows the people Caesar’s bloody body and the people of Rome are outraged at Brutus and his friends. So outraged that they kill a poet just for having the same name as one of the conspirators.
So, in my opinion, Marc Antony’s speech was more effective. He got the people to go from adoring Brutus to despising him and his group so much as to kill an innocent man with the same name as one of them. He also gets to people to love and grieve again for Caesar’s death, instead of them hating him because of the lie Brutus told them. Marc Antony also talk to the Romans as a friend, struck with grief. Therefore he gained the people 's trust in
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