Marc Antony's Loyalty In Julius Caesar

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For true friendship, loyalty is required. In Julius Caesar, Marc Antony shows how his true friendship and loyalty to Caesar, especially after Caesar’s death. With his manipulative and caring nature, Antony avenges Caesar’s death and defeats the conspirators at the end of the play. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the character Marc Antony is a true friend to Caesar and is loyal when he pursues to avenge Caesar’s death, showing his loyalty to Caesar. He does this through his manipulative speeches and his caring soliloquies that inspire him to defeat the conspirators. Through his various monologues and dialogues, Antony is able to trick his enemies and almost always have the upper hand through his manipulative nature and by pretending to be loyal to the conspirators. After the conspirators brutally murder Caesar in Act III, Antony sends a servant in place of himself to determine whether he will meet his demise. He eventually comes to the conspirators, and even though he is emotionally recovering from Caesar’s death, Antony pretends to be loyal to conspirators by siding with them, who accept his request to speak at Caesar’s funeral. Already, Antony shows his…show more content…
Even though Brutus depicted ambition as a negative quality during his speech as Caesar’s funeral, Antony’s ambition following Caesar’s death is one of the reasons why he defeats the conspirators. However, this ambition is not present when Antony discovers Brutus committed suicide, leading him to praise Brutus by saying “This was the noblest Roman of them all.” (JC 5.5. 74), implying that Brutus was even more noble than Caesar, whom Antony greatly loved. By saying this, Antony indicates that Brutus will receive an honorable funeral, again showing his loyalty to Caesar by giving Brutus a funeral that Caesar most likely wanted for
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