Marc Chagall Analysis

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Who is Marc Chagall? Chagall is a Belarusian painter, who was born in on July 7, 1887 in present day Belarus and developed an interest in art early on in his life. In 1907 he left Russia for Paris and stayed there until 1914 when he returned to Vitebsk for a visit and then was trapped in Russia during the outbreak of WWI. Chagall returned to France in 1923 until he was forced to leave because of the Nazis invading France during WWII. He went on to visit America for many year then he decided to head back to France in 1948. He died on March 28th, 1985 in the town of St.Paul de Vence. He is most famous for his arts made in France where he studied and created new and more pieces that truly share his idea of emotions in art instead of creating…show more content…
His art fit in more with the fauvism and cubism of Paris’s art in the early 1900s. He kept the same style yet adapted throughout the years, he even created the stained glass windows in the Art institute of Chicago in 1977.
“My Life” was written when Chagall was 35 years old and living in Moscow. His book is about how he transformed in many ways, from being a boy to a man, from being a nobody to a somebody and most of all finding where his art belonged. The book has the intimacy of a diary as he tells some very personal aspects of his life in great detail. He starts writing from his past memories, from when he was a boy, and when his family wanted nothing to do with him being an artist, “And I understood then that my grandfather, as well as my wrinkled little
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