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No matter where I am or what I am doing, people around me always insult each other in vulgar ways. Whether swearing or calling someone an inappropriate name, there is no other word that is as offensive as retarded. Seeing as people with disabilities cannot control what they do, does not give anybody the right to mock them. This issue frustrates me and is something I want to fix. My goal is to eradicate the r-word from my generation and the younger generation 's slang vocabulary. My viewpoints on this matter, began in ninth grade when I started my community service at an agency called, Marc. Inc. This organization specializes in educating and preparing people with special needs for their everyday life. Marc, Inc. is a place that provides necessities and helps support people who have disabilities. I have been honored to serve there and blessed to meet the wonderful people who brighten my day every time I volunteer there. One thing thing that struck me the most was the acceptance and genuineness of the people at Marc. I love how they express the need to serve others when they are in need as well. In particular, I helped peel crayons this past February, for the Crayons for Cancer association with a woman who would later change my perspective, even more so, on how I view people with disabilities. I sat next to a woman named Wanda, who was trying to peel…show more content…
I thought about how I see her as a normal person, but unfortunately other people do not see her like that. Other people have not had the experience that I have had with people who have special needs. Which is why, I think, the people who insult someone by using the r-word believe it is acceptable to use it. They have never been accustomed to people with disabilities and because they act differently, those who insult believes it is hilarious to compare someone who made a silly mistake to a person who has a mental or physical
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