Marc Jemend Thesis

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World War 2 On September,1st, 1939 the world changed forever. World War 2 had started. It was a grim day for the families of the soldiers that would never return, But for the family of a certain soldier that proved his worth on the battlefield, and his name is Marc Jermend. He was a good working man who had grown to be about 23 years old, and barely 160 pounds. For his size he was the hardest working soldier the 24th infantry division had seen in a long time. He was constantly moving, and if he was not moving supplies from the helicopter drops to the trucks for civilians he was moving ammunition for the soldiers. Marc was also renowned as the best shot in the hole U.S infantry division. All these skills lead to the dreadful day on August,31st 1941 the day before the U.S entered WW2 (World War 2) on that day Marc was tasked to take 19 of his best men on a likely futile mission deep…show more content…
The day before the squadron left for russia where they would enter this war. Once in russia the first thing that struck the crew was the sheer amount of people they had less guns than people, and one man would follow the man with the gun with plenty of ammo. They watched as the jet that had brought them from the forward operating base in Canada to “The Gates” in Russia. Marc turned to his men, and told them to finish taking their supplies to the bunks and to phone home if they wanted as this was the last time they may do so. Marc promptly turned and made a fast pace towards the officer 's tent, and on the way looked to his right to see a child no more than 14 years of age walking towards the gates he promptly stopped turned and grabbed the boys ammunition and tossed it to the nearest man. Then he grabbed the boy by the back of the jacket and threw him on the next boat going across the canal back towards moscow. Marc then continued to the officer 's tent where he met the first women officer in Russia,
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