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Without a doubt, it is been Enough. It is time to bring light and awareness to the mass media. It is time to take this matter much more serious. It is our future generation that is on the line. It is time to create a safe and better environment for them to grown on. Every commercial and television should be apt for children and adolescent to enjoy. To demonstrate, An Article from the USA today, named “Social media helps fuel some eating disorders,” Marcela Rojas exposed the gravity of social media users communities where they trade knowledge and photographs and communities form over common interests, has become a bastion for some struggling with eating disorders. Donna, suffer from bulimia, from age 12 to 25, and had faced its excruciating…show more content…
"Now, I don 't like to compare. Facebook and Instagram are very image-driven, so I try to avoid that.” Rojas added, “Users support one another 's self-destructive behaviors through shared tips and tricks — and promote the notion that an eating disorder is a lifestyle choice, not a serious mental illness.” We need to realize how it can lead to damaged and unrealistic ideas of women 's ultimate body’s type. Rojas added, “An estimated 30 million Americans suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder (20 million women and 10 million men) at some time in their life, according to NEDA.” It is a serious numbers that are increasing daily, and its constantly been fuel by the press. As research shows, it is an issue that the standard of beauty for women is so unreasonable.Promoting a thin standard that is not achievable or realistic could be detrimental to adolescents s health.

It is important to realize that parents should limit their children’s exposure to the media, by encouraging participation in activities that promote self- esteem building. This could help children form a better
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In conclusion, media consumption plays a imperative role in the consumer consumption, especially in teenagers. Often we are bombarded with negative propaganda and negative messages that can lead to hating our self-image and lowering our self- confidence. It is alright and healthy to look like a woman, curves. It is not healthy to look emaciated and malnourished. Beauty is not about how many ribs you can see, or how bony your legs are. We have to embrace ourselves, because we are beautiful the way we are. There is no need to harm ourselves will starvation or consuming large amounts of food because a magazine is telling to. There is no such thing as a perfect height or weight. Every human been is unique and special in their own way. This is an important topic, because a large percentage of teenagers suffer from eating disorders daily. Eating disorders are proven to be the most fatal mental illness and we need to do our best to change that. First, parents should start encouraging their children in consuming healthy foods with nutritional value, to avoid obesity. In addition, parents should promoting outdoors activities and an active lifestyle for their families. There is no magazine or social media that should dictate your self-worth and confidence. Embrace yourself, because each of the people in this planet are beautiful and unique in there own
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