Marcella Schmoeger's Five Values In Health Care

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In the late 1950’s there was a woman named Marcella Schmoeger who suffered from a medical condition that kept her hospitalized during her recovery. During this time, Marcella witnessed many psychiatric patients remaining hospitalized due to limited resources and supports available once discharged back to the community. Marcella was the type of individual who enjoyed her life every day and wanted to ensure that others within her community had the same experience. Therefore, she developed a vision for the betterment of people with mental illness. Once she was discharged from the hospital, Marcella began taking these ideas and concerns to others in the community to address the social problems that individuals with mental illness faced. Thus, in…show more content…
All the employees of HH share the five values that are incorporated in the everyday steps that it takes to help participants maintain a better quality of life. Those five values are: people, growth, diversity, shared ideas, and advocacy (Horizon House, Inc., 2016). HH values people by ensuring that everyone is treated equally and with respect, in an environment that is comfortable and promotes growth. HH values personal growth by focusing on the positive strengths of an individual to enhance their quality of life. HH also values diversity by embracing cultural differences which result in effective services provided within the treatment process. Next, HH values practicing effective communication by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to share their ideas and participate in their service planning. Lastly, HH values advocacy because everyone is responsible for helping bring change to their future (Horizon House, Inc., 2016). Based on these values, HH continues to promote a vision that inspires and motivates staff to help the participant served reach their full potential in the…show more content…
Therefore, the Regional Directors supervise the Program Directors, in which they supervise the managers and the direct care staff within the programs. Based on the mission, the values, and the work that is produced from all levels of this organization, the leadership theory that is exhibited within HH is transformational leadership. Northouse (2016) defines transformational leadership as a process that “incorporates charismatic and visionary leadership” (p. 161). All the members of the executive management staff have one common goal, and that is to help inspire staff to provide a fulfilling life to those served in the community. HH leadership is truly based on the values previously mentioned, due to these values being based on the client’s needs and the needs of the staff as well. HH Staff are given opportunities to grow, voice their ideas, and contribute to the visions that are embedded in the services provided. HH feeds off influence, motivation, and inspiration to produce followers to work effectively at their optimal performance while producing effective outcomes with the participants
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