March Book Summary

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March: book one is a very intriguing memoir from the eyes of John Lewis. It starts off on the day of the inauguration of then president-elect Barack Obama. A couple of children and their mother step into Congressman John Lewis’s office to take a look. Their mother wanted to educate them on the civil rights movement. To their surprise, John Lewis walks in. John Lewis begins to tell them of his story. He begins by telling of the time when he was a child on his family’s farm. There, he got to raise chickens, but he didn’t want his family to kill them. He would become very depressed whenever his family would kill one for dinner. During this time, he began to develop the feeling that he should become a preacher. He began to baptize the baby chickens, and even almost drowned one; although, it miraculously survived. When he became a little older, he got to travel to a city in the north, where he experienced things he never knew existed. When he was 17, John Lewis wrote to Martin Luther King Jr. telling him he wanted to desegregate Troy State. Dr. King wrote back and invited him to visit him. John Lewis did not sue Troy State though. His parents were too afraid to get involved. He then attended American Baptist College. There he joined a group and they began to think about doing sit-ins. When they were ready, they sat in the same dinner…show more content…
I learned about the different search portals that the Mabee library offers. I had only known about the ones that the Kansas library offers. It will be very beneficial when I am writing papers for the remainder of the semester. If I was to choose what I would have done differently, it would be to not procrastinate on the assignment as much as I did. Although the assignment was not difficult, it did take a lot of critical thinking and a lot of time to complete. I will not procrastinate on my next paper,
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