March Of Dimes Chain Reaction Analysis

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Selfishness is a common characteristic shared by many in this new technological age. Everyone is consumed with how they look, how they are viewed by others, and the amount of likes on Facebook or Instagram they receive. From middle school all the way up to my Sophomore year in high school, I was sadly pulled into this trend of self absorption. I was too concerned with the notion of fitting into the “popular” group of kids to be able to expand upon any relationships with anyone else. Coming from a class of only sixty kids during my middle and high school years, it was not hard to make a connection with everybody, but my mind had been narrowed to a certain group of kids. I would not even talk to specific students in my class because they were outside my bubble and it would be “uncool” to do so.
However, something changed when I was chosen to be a member the March of Dimes Chain Reaction Youth Leadership club during my Junior year of high school. Chain Reaction is a highly selective group of local high school students who team up to raise money for March of Dimes. Throughout the two-year membership, we
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I have always been involved with charity organizations, but this time I was directly involved with not only creating events and raising money, but also seeing first hand the lives I was saving. For the first time something meaningful reached out and grabbed me. My new found responsibility and leadership skills that I acquired during my experiences from Chain Reaction connected me to a cause that put me in the position to make a change and save lives. I was revolutionized as a person. From then on, I began to become a leader in every aspect of my life, and learned to overcome the adversities of outside opinions. The connection that I had created to March of Dimes opened my eyes up to the lack of certain connections in my life, and I began to enhance my attitude with this new found
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