March On Selma Analysis

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“March On Selma,” an image shot around the ending of the Civil Rights Movements by an unknown author, seems to depict a scene of violence, and an underlying feeling of Maliciousness. The photo focuses on one woman who was pulled away from the protesters seemingly and is being bit by a German Shephard police dog. The police don’t even try to restrain the dog from biting into her, let alone pull the dog away from her, which shows the truly brutal nature of most of the police force. Many of the people in the background are looking on disapprovingly of the police’s actions and intentions, and many shoot them dirty looks and glares. A large amount of the students & adults protesting here are there as a result of the thirty-two teachers who were…show more content…
It represents the dream of a peaceful world. It is quite obvious where the dream comes from. Her looking on at the world and the broiling violence that is ensuing within it gives her that tiny sliver of hope that just maybe, her dream will be realized. And yet, she also thinks the opposite at the same time. The woman in this image doesn’t even look directly at the dogs that are biting her. She seems resigned, as if she has realized something, and that something is that maybe her dream was crushed before it was even brought forth. Her dream for a peaceful world at that time could not have possibly been realized and come true at that time period. Even through all of the protests, sit-ins, and Acts that have occurred during the Civil Rights Movement, it had not moved African Americans forward in terms of rights all that much. And especially in this photo, it does not seem as if the current situation in the picture will be resolved any sooner. The dream takes place towards the end of the Civil Rights Movement, in 1965. The dream in this image is also very similar to the one that was surmised in the image “Sarah Jean Collins,” where both yearn for world peace & equality. The SCJ image has an African American girl who has been blinded by a bomb set by the KK at the 16th Baptist
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