March On Washington Essay

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The book The March on Washington is very descriptive and insightful on the actions and events that had to take place, so that the date August 28, 1963 would be remembered forever. It depicts a picture of what ideas and hard work can do for a group of people that wanted something so bad. Many people just look at the outcome of the march on Washington but never really look behind the scenes to see what had to happen for this event to actually happen . This book depicts the struggles and issues African Americans had to face in the mid-1900s. The thesis is jobs, freedom, and the forgotten history of civil rights. This book wasn’t as good as the book All Shook Up, but it was better than A Consumers Republic. It did remind me of A Consumers Republic,…show more content…
This book is very clear on this idea. Everyone could agree at this time looking back there was no reason to treat anyone the way people treated African Americans. The march on Washington helped to pave the way for equal rights. This helped pass many laws that would try to even the playing field for everyone weather it came to getting a job or the wages received for working. This book describes a dark time for America. It’s hard to look back and see that many people were looked down upon and treated as if they weren’t human. The horrific incident that took place in Money, Mississippi where a young fourteen year old African American boy was brutally killed is just a taste of the things that happened during this time period, it talks about this in chapter three rocking the cradle. This is also just one of the many events that sparked a fire in the hearts of African Americans. Besides the deaths of many African Americans this was part of the reason for the march. Many African Americans were working for little of nothing for their labor, if they could even get a job. Many business owners wouldn’t hire African American men or women and if they would barely pay them. They weren’t paid like the white people. Many restaurants wouldn’t even serve to African Americans which led to sit ins. Blacks were also supposed to sit in the back of a bus if a white person wanted their seat they
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