March To Conquer Cancer Speech Analysis

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In March to Conquer Cancer, the speaker Vice President Gore gives a speech on September 26, 1998 in Washington D.C. at the Washington Monument. His speech is on why it is important to find the cure for cancer. Throughout his speech he uses pathos, analogies, and truth surrogates to emphasize the importance of the cure for cancer. Vice President Gore speaks with an emotional tone to get the audiences full attention. He uses a rhetorical appeal known as pathos or emotional persuasion to persuade his audience to help support the “march to conquer cancer”. At the end of the speech Vice President Gore states something and has the audience scream “YES WE CAN” back at him by doing this he gets the audience’s attention which makes them more interested…show more content…
Statistics typically grab an audiences or readers attention. In “March to Conquer Cancer” Vice President Gore states the statistic “In America today, more than 40 percent of us will be diagnosed with cancer, and 20 percent of us will die from it” (Gore). Vice President Gore uses this statistic in his speech without giving any proof of where it actually came from. Of course being the Vice President he probably knows the best scientist in the world, but does anyone know that for fact. Stating a statistic in a speech about cancer needs to citied because what if people do not believe the statistic. Giving a speech on something so big no one probably stopped to think he did not cite where he got that statistic, they just probably thought oh man that is terrible we need to help beat cancer. Gore also states in his speech “Some people say it`s impossible to find a cure cancer. But 100 years ago, they said the same thing about smallpox. Sixty years ago they said the same thing about polio. They were wrong then – and they are wrong today” (Gore). This quote is explaining how they said that these people said they would never be able to find the cure to these diseases but they eventually did and it will be the same way with cancer but Gore says “they” a couple times without
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