Marching Band Accomplishments

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From the beginning of my high school career, I have always been thoroughly engaged in all school events, clubs, and extracurricular activities. One organization in particular that has had a significant impact on my life and that I believe can and will contribute greatly to my success at Penn State is the marching and concert band, which has taught me how to be a leader and work to achieve a goal.
I joined the band during ninth grade, and in complete honesty, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Up until this point in time, I had never read or played music before, and compared to every other marching band member, I was surely the weakest. However, I would not let myself be the worst due to being the newest. I started practicing my instrument
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Not only was I elected to be the treasurer of the music program, but I was also awarded the position of "low brass section leader." Earning this position sparked my desire be an ever greater musician; therefore, I decided to audition for the PMEA District 9 Concert Band. Being selected to participate in this band festival is undoubtedly the most difficult of all band festivals; however, I put a tremendous amount of work into my audition, which ultimately allowed me be one of only six band members from my school to be admitted to this prestigious band festival. Senior year has only just begun, but nevertheless, I still continue to put my best into the band program. I currently serve as the vice president of the organization, and in the marching band, I am the brass captain.
So how will being an active member of the band contribute to my success at Penn State? The simplest answer is that being in the band proved to be the “key” in unlocking my drive to be something. Since the start of my freshman year of high school I worked so hard to be an excellent musician and to achieve a leadership position in the future years. As the years progressed, I managed to earn not one, but four leadership positions, and qualify to participate in many band festivals. At Penn State, I am absolutely certain that I will work my hardest to be the best Nittany Lion this school has ever
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