Marching Band Activity Essay

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Being in high school, I have always thought that a student should be involved in some sort of activity, whether it be sports, choir, or the gaming club, it’s nice to branch out just a little bit. Well, I did quite a bit of that including golf, band, and theatre. I was on the Girl’s Golf team for two years, and managed the Boy’s team for one. I love to play, and being in a small team was a lot of fun. Their wasn’t girls fighting over who would play varsity or not, but instead pushing each other get their lowest scores. My coach, Mr. Keeton, taught me that it doesn’t matter what I score, that if I had fun, then that is all that matters. My favorite activity was band. I was a member of the Pep Band, Jazz Band, Drumline, Marching Band, Musical Pit (Theatre Band), and Concert Band. I have also taken three solos to contest, and have used my talent in competitions. The most time consuming activity is Marching band, which is roughly 262 hours a season. Being in the marching band since I was in 8th grade, it comes out to be about 1,310 hours I’ve spent in marching band, not including time I’ve used during school. I had the privilege to be a Captain for two years to the front ensemble, one of the biggest sections in the band. This has helped me become more responsible for myself and those who rely on me, as well as more welcoming to others.…show more content…
I was a member in the publicity department and I got to design programs. I have a lot of time after school, even more when I became a crew leader in theatre. Being in theatre taught me a lot about computer software, and made me fall in love with it. Overall, every activity I have done in High School has shaped me into the young woman I am today. I also know that I have spent countless hours in these activities, but I wouldn’t trade the lessons and experiences I’ve made for the
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