Marching Band Advantages

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As the summer nears its end, band kids everywhere prepare for the hectic nature of marching band. We all begin to dread the coming of band camp, but long for the passion and livelihood of the approaching marching season. Band has its ups and downs; however, the benefits it leaves us with are immeasurable. For instance, a benefit of joining band is the beautiful and irreplaceable experiences someone will get to partake in. However, one of the band’s most feared experiences is marching camp. In brief, it’s a miserable week of sopping, breathless, and exhausted teenagers trying to learn as much as their halftime show as possible, before the first football game. In contrast, one of the best involvements someone would have with their band is finally getting to compete. There’s such a thrill when performing in front of a huge crowd complete with nothing but music enthusiasts. For once, all of the people filling the stadium don’t come to watch football, they come to watch bands play their hearts out under backbreaking pressure. However, the feeling of nerves eating away at musicians, as the announcers call out scores, instantly changes to an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment when their bands’ scores are finally called. It’s an experience I wouldn’t want…show more content…
In fact, about three years ago, I met my other half because of band. As a result, every experience band has presented us with since then has turned into its own storybook of adventure, inside jokes, and cheerful memories. In fact, she’s not the only strong friend I’ve made because of band. Every member has been connected to me in some way or another; we’re a family. Not only are we emotionally attached to one another, but also each and every one of us supports and backs up each other just like a family unit would. And then, when our family begins to gradually fade one by one, we encourage our friends to follow and accomplish their dreams for the
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