Marching Band Analysis

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We’re true band geeks who love what we do
We love our instruments, and band, too.
For fall is marching band season, a time for woodwinds and brass to reign,
For drummers to master the elusive beat, for the conductor to stand on the bandstand again
The band and I — we live for our show, each other and for the show.
We giggle and gripe and gossip together, we march in heat, rain, and snow.
We pull all kinds of crazy stunts, try anything that sounds fun;
But our spines are straight and heads erect when we march to the sound of the drum.
Snapping reeds and clamming notes,
Stealing all the trumpet quotes.
Where’s the tuba? Here they wait
Our saxophones are two hours late.
Touchdown, people yell, and we start to play.
We are band geeks and we play the songs our way.
We march on that field, game after game,
The routine will always end up the same.
The crowd will cheer wildly with extreme pride,
While we all have a smile we try to hide.
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The steady drum begins to sound
We march onto our sacred ground.
See the glory of our band,
At attention we’re forced to stand
Through heat, rain, and cold we still march over the land
We’re not perfect, let it be known,
But being on that field, feels like home.
We may be band geeks, dorks, and nerds,
But we definitely do not follow the herds.
We are original and unique,
Filled with talent and physique.
One can always tell that we won’t be beat
You know without music one will never be complete
Friday night lights go well with the band
As we finish up, the audience claps, and then stands.
Our marching band shoes, usually refined,
Come off the field looking not shined.
Game is over, we’ve pulled our stunts
The football team has won (for once).
Show is over, there’s no more to give,
The past six months are the most we’ve lived.
Bonded forever through impossible feats.
The moment has passed and will never repeat.
Now we’re stronger than ever for whatever may come.
The show is over but we’re not
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