Marching Band Benefits

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Kaitlyn Hatchett Mr. Bergmann Senior English P5 28 August 2015 The Benefits of Participating in High School Band High school band is often looked upon as an activity where a bunch of nerds get in big, bulky, sweaty uniforms and walk around the football field during halftime all the while playing music that they have memorized. Although this is 99.9% true, marching band is much more than that and if you think about what was just stated, that takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Marching band provides students with life lessons and skills that can never be forgotten. There are some major “plus factors” of being a part of a high school band such as: students get to be around other students that they normally would not associate with, …show more content…

The students in band all have one thing in common: they have a passion for music. In fact, that passion is so great that they will go to the extreme of wearing big uniforms and shakos, yes the hats have an actual name, just so they can march around the football field making shapes and straight lines while playing music that they have worked so hard to memorize all summer instead of going out and doing normal teenage things that normal teenagers do. Doing this helps the young teens to open up their perception of life and realize that there is more out there than just doing stupid things and getting themselves in trouble. High school band consists of a bunch of good kids having fun and doing what they love the most. Band members are also some of the smartest kids in their …show more content…

They do not have time to go out and party or go over to a boy’s/girl’s house that you feel very unsure about. As the saying goes “kids will be kids” but band kids are usually memorizing music, working on step offs, shining their instrument, trying to get up to a higher reed size by practicing, studying or they are laying at home/their best friend’s house on the couch eating bags of Lay’s Potato Chips and bingeing on the new series of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Band requires a ton of dedication of your student’s time and effort so there is no time for anything other than band. High school band will provide your student with memories that will last a lifetime. “This one time, at band camp…” (Mir Kamin) always leads to a good story with lots of laughs and memories unfolding. Band kids are good, smart and very talented kids that like to have fun and enjoy the company of their friends that have been with them through the extreme weather, pun

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