Marching Band Challenges

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The most significant challenge I faced in my life was during my sophomore year of high school during which the music director had quit. This caused the band to have no one to direct it or teach us. This caused the bulk of the effort to be pushed to the few instructors we had and to us the students. This challenge had been present throughout the summer, the marching season, and the concert season.
During the summer, we were informed that the current music director was stepping down and that there would be no one to teach us. My section had it the worse because there was an influx of people who had joined and needed to learn what to do. The other problem was that there was only one upperclassmen to teach us in my section, so she asked if I could act as her second-in-command and I had
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As the competition season and school began the amount of work for me to do increased.
Having an AP class for the first time, three honors class, and a college course my balance for work slowly diminished. It grew harder and harder to focus on all of these but rather than quit I
Singh 2 redoubled my effort. This was a significant point for me because I was going at my own problems alone. As the season progressed I got better until concert band season.
During concert band season almost everyone did not want to continue to play music because of the long-term teachers for the music classes. It slowly got to the point where no one but me in my section was going to the rehearsals. This led me to needing to learn multiple parts and led to odd points during practice where I was the only one playing while panicking trying to cover the parts equally. I repeatedly asked for them to come to the practice but rather than help most did not want to go to these practices. I felt like quitting because I felt that there was no reason for me to be there but I thought it thru and came to an important conclusion. If I were
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