Marching Band Concert Review

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Concert Review 3 On October 17th, my girlfriend brought me to the Kansas Band Association’s marching band championship. Her dad’s friend was one of the band directors, so that’s why we ended up going. She grew up around matching band. I on the other hand only went to my high school football games, so I only saw my school’s marching band then. I will say though, that I liked our band when I was in school. I went to high school at Seaman High School here in Topeka, so it was kind of cool to see a few people I knew in the band. Knowing the head drum majors actually, it was exciting to see her and other people I knew doing such articulate movements. Throughout the show, my girlfriend explained different things about marching band to me like how intense band practice is when they get ready for the shows. I didn’t realize how much timing and practice goes into the movements of marching bands. They really make it look easy. I liked the Seaman show for the…show more content…
Their sound projected well into the audience. My second favorite band was probably Derby because they were such a big band. Their uniforms made them look very sharp and cohesive. Also, because of their size, their sound was very well blended and it was harder to tell if one person missed a note here or there. Furthermore, I had almost had to like this band even more because of my girlfriend. Overall, one of my favorite aspects of the marching bands was the crazy dynamics in a show. A really good show will move you and make you feel like you are going through the motions of the song while a worse show will just be a song that the band is playing. I never thought about how influential the dynamics of a song could be. The movement of the dynamics mixed with the movements of the band really got me into the bands more than I think I ever have before. I couldn’t believe that some of these bands were only high school students. I haven’t heard a high school marching band in a
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