Marching Band Speeches

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The stick hits the snare drum as me and 216 others march along to the beat in beautiful synchronization. Even as exhaustion runs up my spine, I don’t flinch and my feet carry on roll stepping in perfect 4 inch gaps. Suddenly, the drum major orders, “Band. Halt!” and all 217 bodies stop in unison. The harmonies between our bodies are the same as the harmonies that come out of our horns. Every player is so integral to each other’s success that we become a family; a unit of music lovers and determined peers. To me, marching band isn’t just an extracurricular, it’s a place where I can work hard for a magnificent show while spending time with amazing people. To me, it’s a place to express my feelings through my instrument and feel the goosebumps rise while playing with others. To me, it’s home. The same feeling of ecstasy I get from playing music and marching has given me new experiences I can use for the future. I now not only have better interpersonal skills but I also have an extreme respect and will to work hard at everything. As a freshman in high school, band helped me form bonds I would not have made…show more content…
I have left my mark in the band program and have thoroughly embraced and enjoyed 4 years of beautiful music, bouncing rhythm and mellow ballads. I have enjoyed the sweat running down my temples and intensely screaming to cadences. I have cherished these memories and look to bring them with me into the future. The passion that I carry, not only for marching band but also any situation, is something I can bring and share with Michigan State. By allocating my love for music and work, I want to bring a diverse perspective while striving to meet goals that would be otherwise tedious or scary. I want to combine my passions and make them completely possible on campus; an experience and opportunity I may be unable to receive anywhere
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