Marching Band Tactics

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Marching Band is a complex activity that many people are incapable of handling. It requires mental and physical output like no other sport. To be able to play an instrument while keeping correct marching techniques is a difficult task. Over time it becomes easier because the outdoor practices a person must endure are two and a half hours long. The marchers must practice for halftime shows, parades, and competitions to earn a record. Marching Band requires skill and endurance to achieve the right techniques. To achieve the correct marching technique a marcher will have practice many times. While forward marching, the feet of the person must be in time with the tempo of the song. The marcher will have to roll their feet and keep their toes in the air. If this is done correctly, then the marcher will glide across the field. If the marcher is going backward, then she must elevate onto the balls of both of her feet. Marchers will also…show more content…
When playing the marcher must turn their horns to the drum major while not playing the horns face the sideline. Every marcher must do arches, curves, lines, and diagonals during their marching career. The marcher will have to move with the current form, so the audience can see the transitions from the stands. To accomplish this the marcher must use their peripheral vision to look at where the people besides them are. When the forms position a marcher to the far side of the field, they should watch the drum majors. Playing and marching a halftime show is a difficult task to accomplish. To march and play a halftime show, the marcher must be aware of all their movements. No one can slack off when in a marching band. Every single person is on display during a halftime show, so someone will see if a marcher messes up. The band requires teamwork, so all the marchers must work together to create the best halftime
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