Marcia Angell's Argument Summary

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Assignment 1: Explicating arguments The article Marcia Angell wrote discusses the ethics of running clinical trials in areas of poverty such as third world countries. It is largely stressed that the well-being of participants should be the main priority of the study, above research goals and quick results. She explains that participants in clinical trials must receive the best-known treatment available when part of the control group; otherwise, researchers would knowingly be giving participants sub-par treatment compared to the drug being studied. To enact justice, even those living in third world countries should be receiving the same treatment that a participant in a first world country would receive. A placebo must be strictly avoided unless there is no known…show more content…
Likewise, the best treatment should not refer to local treatment standards, but the best standards available to maximize the beneficence and justice applied to participants already undertaking the burden of participating in a clinical trial. Unfortunately, ethical principles can sometimes be neglected due to competition in the field and the increase of regulations. This has resulted in some ethically questionable trials based in third world countries that violate justice, autonomy, and beneficence to obtain faster results. Harold Varmus and David Satcher’s perspective on what standards and guidelines should be implemented in clinical trials in third world countries differs from that of Angell’s arguments. They make the argument that compared to other approaches, a placebo is the most justified way to obtain clear and rapid results from clinical trials regardless of what treatments may currently be available. In their paper, they take stance on obtaining results that can be interpreted more rapidly and more efficiently; including the use of a placebo controlled study, even if a known treatment exists. By using a placebo controlled study, there will be less need for more subjects, which would
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