Marco Polo Davao Case Study

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Padilla (2012) studied the case of Marco Polo Davao, a chained hotel in the Philippines. A competitive environmental strategy was suggested for the firm after examining the different factors and actors that are said to influence the firm’s decisions on environmental management of the managers of Marco Polo Davao were first looked into. An examination of the other factors and actors that are said to influence manager’s suggestions and decisions in selecting a competitive environmental strategy followed. The factors include environmental legislation, resources and capabilities, facilitators/ opportunities and barriers/ challenges. The actors include the suppliers, employees and customers who were also interviewed and surveyed for their respective…show more content…
The six areas have specific domains: water – to monitor water consumption and rationalize its use and to save and protect local resources; energy – to control energy use and monitor the consumption and save energy and reduce atmospheric pollution; wastes – to reduce waste at the source and improve waste management and to implement a recovery and recycling strategy; purchasing policy – to reduce the impact of consumption on the environment and to promote the development of local, ecological and social product flows; logistics – to improve product handling and minimize losses and wastage and to manage the hotel’s supply lines; and noise, air quality and landscape integration – to limit noise pollution, to improve air quality inside buildings, and to reduce the impact on the local…show more content…
It is reasonable to assume that water consumption will vary based on the property type. For instance, water consumption at full-service luxury resorts providing services such as spas and swimming pools will differ greatly from more economically based hotels. Such water-dependent services have a significant differently influence on water consumption (Bohdanowicz, & Martinac,

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