Marco Polo: The World's Most Significant Journeys

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In the late 13th and early 14th centuries, many expeditions were made by explorers desiring to discover new trade routes and new estates. Especially, Marco Polo’s journey East was one of these most significant voyages.
Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice, Italy and grew up there for 17 years. He was only six years old when his father and uncle went on the first trip to Cathay. During his childhood, he absorbed the knowledge of commercial French and Italian. In addition, he learned the classical authors and had literacy skills as well. Two years after the death of his mother, they came back Venice and decided to accompany Marco Polo on a daring journey to China the second time. Instead of taking sea route, they went overland and passed through Armenia, Persia, Afghanistan and all
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Thus, according to the request of Khan, they had to escort the Mongol princess to Persia for her wedding celebration to be allowed to leave Cathay. In 1295, after the wedding celebration, they returned their hometown when Venice had a fierce combat with Genoa. After being defeated, Polo was caught in a prison and met Rustichello of Pisa. Marco Polo told him about his expeditions through Asia lasted 24 years, so Rustichello determined in writing a book: The Description of The World. Immediately, the book became prominent after being released and the renown of Polo spread quickly.
After four years, he was released from prison and got married. He still lived in Venice and had three daughters. He was died in 1324, aged 70.
He has inspired enthusiasm in many generations of explorers by his experience, stories, particularly Christopher Columbus who found the American continent in15th century. Moreover, his observations and own system measuring distance which was mentioned in his book have contributed to scientific geography
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