Marcus Aquila Essay

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here once was a man known as Marcus Aquila. He had planned for himself a normal life as a Roman soldier, and eventually end up at Egypt. He had hoped of getting his family’s land back also. Marcus’s dad was the leader of the Ninth Legion which was mysteriously lost along with its Eagle. He was assigned in Britain as a Cohort Commander. While there as a commander his leg was severely hurt in battel, and he will never be able to return to battle again because of it. He decided to go and live with his Uncle Aquila who lived in Britain. One day Marcus and his uncle went to a gladiator match. At this match Marcus felt sorry for one of the gladiators, and he bought him as his slave. Marcus’s slave’s name was Esca. Marcus treated Esca nicely and not much like a slave at all. One night Marcus lets Esca go out on a wolf hunt. When Esca got back he had brought back with him a wolf cub, which was a custom to his people. They named the wolf Cub. One day Marcus’s next door neighbor Cottia came over to see Cub and talked with Marcus and became one of his best friends along with Esca. Later when Cub was…show more content…
One reason I enjoyed this book was because of its action and adventure. Example of this can be found throughout the book. One example is their journey to find the lost Eagle and return it was full of action and running away from enemies. In this book, there is never a dull moment. An example is that no matter where they are they are either running from trouble or heading into trouble. Finally, this book raised four questions to me. These questions are as following: How did Marcus fight through the pain, why the Eagle was so important, Why Esca went with Marcus even though he was a free man, and why they did not reestablish the Ninth Legion. In conclusion, this story was a very interesting and also raised many questions in my
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