Marcus Aurelius Influence On Roman Culture

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In Rome, personal virtues contributed towards each individual’s dedication towards their empire. They directly gave the Roman republic the moral strength and ideology to conquer the world. In some ways, the Romans assimilated their beliefs from the Greeks, which they had conquered. In fact they had created such a lasting impression with successful ideology, that George Washington wore a toga, to demonstrate how the old Roman values still had an affect on what was then modern day America. Nearly all of George Washington's actions while leading America took into account the history of Rome. As well as how certain things took place while shaping the future of America.

Roman culture was influenced by stoicism considerably. Before Rome accepted stoicism as a popular religion, they believed that cities, as well as the universe, required no law to function. They believed that God was the ultimate King of the
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Nero didn't approve of Stoic philosophers, therefore, he had exiled Gaius. Gaius was well-known for his writings and had written 21 discourses about various philosophical and day-to-day life decisions that one would have to make during those times. Gaius's primary philosophical belief is that combating selfishness and preserving the whole human race would create the ideal society.

Marcus Aurelius was a notable Roman Emperor in 180 AD. He is considered by many to be the last of the "five good emperors". Apart from Marcus Aurelius's prestigious political position, he was a well-known practitioner of stoicism. In fact his writing commonly old as "Meditations" is considered by many to be one of the greatest works of all of philosophy. The overarching theme that Marcus Aurelius attempts to convey, insta deal with your problems in an ideal and effective manner. He felt if you just miserably observe your problem, you wouldn't solve it as well as if you had just gotten it done

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