Marcus Brutus In The Death Of Julius Caesar

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Marcus Brutus, a brave man who was a supporter of the republic who in a government guided by the senators. His grandfather raised Brutus and it must have been tough for him growing up without a dad and all. When he killed Cesar along with many other men it must have been mentally tough because Brutus had a friendship with Caesar, and to kill him for the sake of the country because you think that he had too much power and no one can over rule him, that is a very strong and risky action to follow through with because even if you kill him, who will get his will and all the power that he so called had too much of. Caesar trusted Brutus before he was killed and Caesar’s dying words were, “You too Brutus?” There was some “back-stabbing” to blame on Brutus. Antony was an intelligent man who devoted his life to be reliant on Caesar. He wanted Caesar to get the crown so when his plan of assassinating him worked; he would take over and become the king. Caesar, before he was killed, refused to become king because he said it was the best interest of Rome. When Antony spoke at Caesars’ funeral, he wrote a fake will so that the town people would be mad at Caesar. In the fake will, Antony wrote that Caesar left nothing to the town people, but in the real will, which Antony had with him, it stated that everyone in Rome should get some items of his, but Antony wanted it all to himself.

Julius Caesar did not want to be an absolute ruler and not to be the ruler would be in the best interest

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