Marcus Caesar Qualities

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In the play the tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, is mainly based on the assassination of Julius Caesar. The main conspirator, ironically, Marcus Brutus, a close friend and ally to Caesar. The character Marcus Brutus fits the description of a tragic hero. Like other tragic heroes, he portrays idealistic and pragmatic qualities. Brutus appears to be the most complicated character. He supports the republic and system of government guided by the votes of the senators. He does not, however, support dictatorship “What’s means this shouting? I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king (I, I) Brutus’ gullibility is ironically one of his purest character traits yet a fatal flaw. Another tragic flaw of his is that he had a lust for power, and because of this Brutus meets his death at the end of this play. In this medieval times play Marcus Brutus is an example of one who will go against a friend not out of hate, but out of a greater love for his country.…show more content…
This is to say that the wants a government of checks and balances and believes in the importance of the senate. This point is important to keep in mind, because Brutus ' ancestor drove out the last king of Rome to establish the Republic. So, the Republic is something that runs deep in the blood of Brutus. His desire for power is not for personal reasons, but a result of a utilitarian ideal. Brutus is willing to sacrifice a friend for what he believes is the greater good of the people; his desire for power is rooted in a desire to do well. He opposes any man being dictator, let along dictator for life, even if it is his friend,
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