Marcus Samuelsson's Yes, Chef

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What makes Marcus famous? The memoir Yes, Chef is about Marcus Samuelsson, who is born in Ethiopia and grow up in Sweden, and he is adopted by white Swedish family. The book tells his life story from the beginning up to now. He is now a famous chef in the world, despite he has been through a lot of challenges. He is also a remarkable chef who travels around the globe. However, he faces two huge challenges throughout his life. One of Marcus’s challenges is race. Because his biological parents are from Ethiopia, Africa, his race is different from Swedish people. He also faces a lot of difficulties because of his skin color. For example, when Marcus wants a job, he goes to MacDonald, which is a new restaurant around his neighborhood, and the manger does not want to hire him because of his skin color. Then,…show more content…
During his young ages, he wants to become a soccer player. He has played soccer since he was a child, and he has a dream of becoming a famous soccer player like Pele. Marcus also accepted by a soccer team called GAIS, and he plays for four seasons; however, on his fifth season, he is rejected by the club. Even though he is a talented soccer player, he is too small for competitive soccer game because soccer needs both talent and physical fitness. He is brokenhearted because the one career he is hoping for is ended early. Being talented and disciplined cannot help him to save his soccer career. Moreover, Marcus opens his first restaurant in New York, which is called Mercato55, but he walks away after six months because the restaurant is not successful as he expects. Even though he is committed to his work, his co-workers and chefs fail. To summarize, Marcus gets some challenges because of his race, and he also gets difficulties in his career during his life. However, he is a famous chef who is committed to his work, and he does not give up for challenges. Readers should learn a life lesson from this talented
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