Mardi Gras Culture Essay

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Laissez les bon temps rouler! The Mardi Gras culture is all about letting the good times roll and is a happy culture full of amazing traditions. Mardi Gras culture, for me, has always been a family associated culture. My family spends much time with each other bonding over king cake and crawfish. Tasty king cakes, beautiful masks, massive parades, giant floats, picnics, ridiculous costumes, and long gorgeous beads-all amazing festivities of the greatest culture to ever exist, my Mardi Gras culture. During Mardi Gras, my family dresses in the colors purple, green, and gold. I dress from head to toe, excluding my pants, in those colors. Purple shirt with gold and green encrypted letters spelling out Mardi Gras, occasionally accompanied by designs,…show more content…
My grandmother and I sit at the wooden table in her living room every Mardi Gras. Our masks are put together with feathers, glitter, mischievous designs, and always with love. You can’t have a true Mardi Gras masks without putting love into the making. Mardi gras masks were used, in the old times, to protect the identity of revelers who went door to door to sing, dance, and beg for offerings, according to USA Today, but now they are used to protect the identity of Krewe members, and by revelers and ball attendees. Masks add mystery to the Mardi Gras atmosphere and they intrigue the public when worn. Bead throwing and Mardi Gras can be referred to as a sandwich of inseparable peanut butter and jelly. I am a faithful bead catcher when it comes to my Mardi Gras culture. I make it my top, my most valuable mission to catch as many beads as I can. Purple, gold, and green beads jiggle across my neck, as I bond with my family members, smiling, laughing, enjoying our Mardi Gras culture. When there was a King, these beads must’ve meant a great deal to him, because according to IB Times, the King of the first daytime Carnival in 1872 determined the color of the beads to be of the royal colors- purple, gold, and
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