Margaret Atwood Research Paper

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Born in Ontario Canada Margaret Atwood is an award-winning writer best known for her short stories, novels, poetry; Margaret Atwood is one of today’s leading fiction writers. Mrs. Atwood is a story writer, essayist, novelist, poet, and environmental activist. Many of Mrs. Atwood’s novels have received critical acclaim in The U.S., Europe, and Canada. Mrs. Atwood is also committed to positive change in our way of life. Mrs. Atwood Created Green Policies for Ontario Canada. Mrs. Atwood was born Margaret Eleanor Atwood in Ottawa, Providence of Ontario, Canada on November 18, 1939. At the age of six Mrs. Atwood had written many morality plays, poems, comic books and had started a novel. When Mrs. Atwood spent half of each year in the wilderness of northern Ontario beside her father, who worked as an entomologist, until the age of eleven. At the age of sixteen Mrs. Atwood committed her life to writing. Mrs. Atwood studied at Victoria College, University of Toronto,…show more content…
Mrs. Atwood created Green Policies in the O.W. Toad Office. The procedures connect with the utilities in the building. All paper used in the building is one hundred percent recycled, acid-free, and ancient forest friendly. Cascade toilet paper, paper towels and tissues are all recycled products used in the building. Books for publishing are acid free and include this provision in every publishing contract. When charities are seeking endorsements and donations they are limited to one solicitation package. If an organization sends in more than one request yearly will automatically not be considered for donations. The electricity used in the O.W. Toad Office is one hundred percent green electricity from Bullfrog Power, a retailer in Ontario. All incandescent bulbs have been replaced with compact fluorescent light bulbs. EnerGuide and Energy Star certified appliances are used where
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