Margaret Atwood Rhetorical Analysis

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Important Strategies for Reading As the person reading the first thing that it is done is find a perspective that chooses the way a person is going to react and judge an author’s story. A perspective, which varies acutely on the person, since people origin from many different backgrounds, and experiences. Margared Atwood, explains, and describes several strategies in several detail in order to provide the reader with strategies that would hopefully apply improvement. One of those strategies mentioned by Margared Atwood is Interpretation, which is what decides what people focus on when reading a story or an article of their choice. The language used can either intrigue the person reading or cause disinterest in the topic. Slang used can be found unprofessional or disrespectful to some, but sometimes it will not affect the way a person reading. The author might unfortunately use slang, simply to point out a certain mood or the used slang can have a totally different meaning, This is a good of Perspective, formalist critics, and as well as interpretation taking place in a story, and the way in can affect the reader.…show more content…
The main focus is surrounded around Mrs.Mallard, and mostly only her feelings, emotions as well as her reactions to everything that transpired in “The Story of an Hour” In several stories we have the opportunity to explore, and make our own decisions of who is the bad guy or the good guy in a story. Authors take the time to describe all of the characters in deep detail in a creative way as the story is taking place to help the reader gain a good perspective of what is going on without leading to wrong
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