Margaret Atwood's Inspiration

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Margaret Atwood: The Award Winning Inspiration “We still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful women as an anomaly.” ( [Written by Margaret Atwood], Date N/A). This quote is only one of the many quotes that the widely known author, Margaret Atwood has. Margaret Atwood is a Canadian writer, being born on November 18, 1939 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is also still alive and still winning her numerous awards such as the Hamalet Prize (2000) and the Good-Reads Choice Award (2013). Margaret Atwood deserves all the awards she has received because of her inspiration to young writers, her many books, she is an influential feminist writer, her distinct style, she has dabbled in different fields of writing, has earned so many awards (majorly credited to the date and time), although some say she doesn’t deserve these awards and isn’t better than some past authors. To begin with, Margaret Atwood is a great contributor. This, her writing, are a few of the factors that on why she inspires young writers. One of the forms her writing was inspiration is the quotes. For example, “A word after word is power.” ([Written by Margaret Atwood), Date N/A) is a short…show more content…
She is a great example for young writers being such a big contributor. She is also a great, Influential Feminist Writer. One of the most important of all the criteria is her books, which she has many of especially in the science-fiction field. In those books she has a recurring style, which proves her views on female society. The greatest contributor to her success is because of her variety of literature, which ranges from quotes to novels and even movies. Part of the reason why Margaret Atwood deserves the 55 awards is because of her marvelous writing and the time in which we have so many award giving companies. In all Margaret Atwood is a great overall human who deserves every single award she has received and
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