Margaret Atwood's The Glass Castle: Review

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The Glass Castle: Memoir Book Review 1. What did you like best about the person you read about? Why? I admire how strong and fearless Jeannette is and was as a child. Her earliest memory at three years old is making hot dogs and catching on fire. Even though she screamed out of fear, like any three-year-old would, when she was told she’d be alright she responded “I know…but if I’m not, that’s okay, too”. It is baffling to me for a three-year-old child to be alright with not being physically “okay”. This was the moment that my admiration for Jeannette developed. Most kids would develop a fear of fire after an incident like that but instead she becomes fascinated with it and finds every excuse just to use fire. Her parents are to thank for this because they are the ones who drove her to be fearless and to have…show more content…
I believe a difficult moment for her was when her mother and Lori went away for the summer and left her in charge to pay the bills and feed the kids. Her father kept asking for money and as he expected her to do she would hand it over. He eventually convinced her that for her to get the money back he needed her to go on a “business trip” with him. This trip entailed her practically being sold to a man for sex by her own father. She kept thinking that her father would stop this man or that her father would come save her if anything were to happen. “Holler if you need anything” he had said which convinced Jeannette to go up the stairs. Then when she came back down from the man’s apartment telling her father that the man attacked her he exclaimed “I’m sure he just pawed you some… I knew you could handle yourself”. This is a turning point for Rex and Jeannette’s relationship. I believe Jeannette starts to lose faith in her father and starts to believe that he isn’t going to protect her. Maybe she shouldn’t be Rex Walls only supporter
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