Margaret Barhel How To Stop Cheating Analysis

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Cheating. The one thing that everyone has partaken in at least once in their life, but is always too proud to admit to. That sense of pride means so much to each person yet they always find themselves in that dreaded situation in which you need help, and the best way to get it, is from someone or something else. The article “How to Stop Cheating in College” by Margaret Barthel discusses how cheating is more prevalent on college campuses and she discusses different strategies to help alleviate the issue. It is Barthel’s belief that technology is at the root of the cheating issue and the best way to fix this problem is by instilling an honor code. I concur with this belief and think technology is there to help students, but it becomes an issue when students lose their sense of integrity. Therefore, I agree that the best solution to solve the cheating issue is to create an honor code system at every college.
To begin with, most people don’t understand what constitutes as cheating or how often that it occurs. I believe that increasing the awareness of cheating will help instill greater integrity in the college students in turn lowering the rate of cheating. Barthel says, “Fishman points out that while students usually understand the “gross boundaries” of cheating, the specifics are much fuzzier,
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Don McCabe, a retired professor at Rutgers University who led the ICAI student surveys for many years, says, “The only reason I imagine students stop cheating is because they’re being trusted” (Barthel). This sums up the idea that the issue of cheating is too large for any real solution to work. That is why awareness, technology, and an honor system are all important components in the fight to end cheating. If these principles aren’t applied, I believe, that cheating will remain a prevalent issue on colleges across the
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