Margaret Fuller: Women In The Nineteenth Century

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Margaret Fuller was a woman who greatly influenced Americans to become what they are today. She was born in the eighteen hundreds, she succeeded and effected this country in such a positive manner. In America, a large amount of people condone and encourage others to get an education. One is highly looked up to when they receive a a great amount of education. It is usually frowned upon when one is not educated. In America, free schooling is offered to everyone till they hit about eighteen years old. Everyone is required to go to school till they hit a certain age, both male and female. College is available for all Americans after high school, so people can further their education, most Americans are taught to want to have the drive to also…show more content…
Fuller was aware of her capabilities, and wanted all women to comprehend the amount of potential they all have. According to the article, Biography Online, “With growing confidence as a writer, Fuller also returned to themes of female emancipation and the role of women in society. In 1845, she published – ‘Women in the Nineteenth Century‘ – It investigated the role of women in society and how they could play a greater role in society.”1 Fuller had a goal, and that was to be known for her intelligence, and the desire to spread the faith in women. I admire Margaret Fuller for what she has done to contribute to the society I live in. If it weren 't for her, maybe people wouldn 't see women as the strong and independent individuals we are capable of being. I couldn 't imagine being expected to be a stay at home mom, taking care of what needs to be done around the house, and not living for myself. I give Fuller praise for what she has done for all women in this country, all because she believed in what we are all capable of being. In Margaret Fullers Book, Woman in the Nineteenth century, Fuller states “Let every woman, who has once begun to think, examine herself.”2 That quote from Fuller speaks volumes. She is bringing awareness to all, declaring that if we as women exist and use the minds we are given, we can do admirable and limitless things in this world, for ourselves. If women use their minds, and think for themselves, they are able to reflect on themselves and notice their self
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