Margaret Lamott Rough Draft

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In Lamott’s writing, she animates her ideas of writing raft drafts to the readers. Lamott delivers her message very creatively by using various descriptive and poetic phrases, making her piece entertaining and impressing. She frankly talks about her struggles as a writer in order to encourage the readers to feel comfortable making their first attempts. However, because of her language style in the article, her argument becomes vague. From the reader’s point of view, the intention of this article seems to be a ‘writing guide for beginners’ rather than an argumentative essay because her writing lacks evidence and credibility. Lamott continuously uses her personal experiences, mostly from “me and most of the other writers I know” to exemplify her arguments throughout the writing.…show more content…
He argues that everyone has different writing process that works for them. Although he is too aggressive, and sarcastic in his writing, he clearly introduces his aspects of Lamott’s opinion. Nevertheless, I found his thesis highly biased and contradicting. He points out her generalization of “all good writers” and “shitty drafts”. Her purpose, however, is to correct the “fantasy of uninitiated”, and shows that even experienced writers like herself go through painstaking stages. Besides, if he were to support the freedom of wiring process, he has to accept Dila’s as one as well. He occasionally makes a partisan affirmation of her “shitty draft strategy”. To illustrate, he makes it an insinuation to building a house in his passage. He says “the builder would end up with a pretty shitty house; so shitty it would probably be easier to tear it down and start over…”. Also, Lamott does not claim her way as the only process. She explains how she got to hers, after trying “XX them out, try
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