Margaret Mead Warfare Is Only An Invention Not A Biological Necessity Summary

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Margaret Mead was an anthropologist of her time, which was her reasoning for conducting a scientific study of the development of a variety of human beings and their societies and finding its connection to the development of warfare. As an anthropologist Margret Mead often studied her theory through observation of culture. Considering the two types of schism of the development of warfare, Margaret Mead is convinced that through the combination of both sociological inevitability and biological necessity, it is a reason that cultures use warfare. But in 1940, Margaret Mead argued in her essay, “ Warfare Is Only an Invention- Not a Biological Necessity,” that through research and case study she believes to have proven that war is not a biological necessity and is not “in our genes”, but clearly is an invention of mankind that had developed over time and is used today when someone is outraged our there is a sociological need for certain resources leading to the need of starting warfare. Warfare started out as an invention and developed through…show more content…
Those who believe that war is a biologically necessary would argue that it is “in our genes.” They would say that man or women have an instinct to aggression, in which they were born with. When fighting a war the behavior is a main factor when fighting. They believe that behavior is a prerequisite to achieve full potentials as an individual in war. For those who support this theory that war is a biological necessity observe those individuals that have a drive for competition and aggression that go into war with the “genetic” erg to fight for what they believe in. It is a state of nature that humans choose to fight and have the courage to kill those of the opposite opponents. There is always those who try to prohibit competiveness and discover more contemporary idea, with less socially harmful affects, to give those who are “biologically” aggressive an ability to express their nature of
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