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Mary Margaret Penrose - Professor of Law Texas A&M

An accomplished Title IX and civil rights attorney, Mary Margaret (Meg) Penrose holds a juris doctor from Pepperdine University, where she served as a managing editor of the Pepperdine Law Review and a volunteer attorney with the Homeless Advocacy Project. She subsequently earned a master of laws with a concentration in international human rights from the University of Notre Dame. While practicing law throughout the 1990s, Mary Margaret Penrose provided pro bono representation in a range of Title IX issues and school disciplinary proceedings.

In addition to her experience as an educator and a practicing attorney, Meg Penrose has coauthored two textbooks and published multiple scholarly articles, book chapters, book reviews, essays, and editorials. Her work has appeared in a range of peer-reviewed journals including the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly and the John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law. The USA Today also featured her in multiple news stories. During the Boston Marathon bomber trial, CNN 's Anderson Cooper turned to her for expert legal commentary.

Accomplished Texas Title IX Attorney Mary Margaret Penrose
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In addition to instructing students and publishing academic work, she provides Title IX representation and serves as a Title IX auditor for the Division I State University Athletic Department and various Texas A&M coaches. Mary Margaret Penrose previously served as a professor of law with the University of Oklahoma, where she served as a cooperating attorney with the National Title IX Organization of the Women’s Sports Foundation and provided pro bono legal representation to high school lacrosse team members. She also provided pro bono representation for multiple Title IX cases while an attorney in private practice in Dallas,

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