Margaret Sanger Birth Control

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It is important to realize that Sanger’s campaign for a women’s to choose birth control was at a time when women where not thought of as equals and contraception was considered to be obscene at the time. In fact, she provokes a hostile reaction among Christian leaders that considered her concepts for birth control to be offensive and evil to society. Her advocacy work drew controversy from political followers that criticized her association with science to be immoral for seeking to improve or change the human population. She was often criticized and associated which eugenics, the branch of science that believed in improving the human species through selective mating. However her goal was to allow women to have control over how many children…show more content…
S. Sanger wanted to illustrate to the courts that the US had a high maternal mortality rate compared to other nations. Subsequently, she wanted to argue, due to the socioeconomics of the world 's population growth, there would be a problem producing enough food to feed societies if population growth was not controlled. She attributed this measure to the lack of accessible contraception and made a connection between poverty, large families and their inability to obtain contraceptives to control fertility which was reflected to her own personal aspects. Sanger had a compassion for women that had suffered through repeated pregnancies that shorten their lives and she was determine to gain the rights for many women that wanted control over their fertility. She believed that no women should endure unnecessary suffering through her sexually and reproductive choice when there is contraceptive available to control pregnancy. She fought to make information available to give women the right to be a mother or not. This promoted her to push the value of women’s right to have birth control and not jeopardize their health with dangerous abortion methods. In in our text Healthy People 2020 tells us that one of women’s’ greatest accomplishments is to select when and whether to chose to have and increase a family size (Friis, Bell & Philibert,
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