Margaret Sanger Birth Control Speech Analysis

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Birth control pills today are seen differently than in the past and are attainable to many people. Prior to the twentieth century, not many people expressed their feelings about the topic of birth control and shied away from it because men were afraid that women would take over and a pursuit to fight for equality. Moreover, the long endeavor for birth control allowed women today to have control of their own body without being criticized as much today. Margaret Sanger was a strong activist who fought for birth control was born in 1879 and died in 1966, it was because she was born in New York, she had it easier for her to fight for her cause. It was difficult for her to take a stand because birth control in the late 1800’s was not a popular topic, consequently this forced expectant mothers to do self-administered abortions, which resulted in many deaths. Margaret Sanger took a stand for women’s health and sex education by becoming a birth control activist, influencing and…show more content…
In her speech, “The Morality of Birth Control”, it appealed to the audience because she was able to appeal to their emotions. From this, she was able to tell the audience to believe what they think is the best. She also attacks the people who are against birth control because it does not affect them and they do not understand what the use it is for. Sanger is saying that birth control can help women gain a higher education because they do not have to be distracted about taking care of their children, but can focus on school instead. The purpose of birth control is because of women’s morality and they believe that they should be educated first to prevent mishaps and other things that can be prevented. This speech she did was successful in many ways because it opened the eyes of many people and it gave her a path to start a birth control clinic and help women who were struggling with their

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