Margaret Sanger Speech Analysis

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Margaret Sanger Question: Why was Sanger so interested in legalizing contraceptives? And what was the reason she thought we needed contraceptives? Margaret Sanger was born on September, 1879, in Corning, New York. Then she died at the age of 86 on September 6, 1966 in Tucson, Arizona, she died of a heart failure. Margaret Sanger was an American birth control activist, sex educator, writer, and a nurse. Margaret Sanger was the sixth child of eleven children that had survived, her mother had eighteen pregnancies but only eleven of them survived. While Sanger was a young child she helped around the house with chores and helping taking care of her younger siblings. Margaret Sanger was supported, by two of her older sisters. Margaret attended…show more content…
In 1911 after Margaret’s house was destroyed, because of a fire, Margaret and her family abandoned the suburbs and started a new life in New York City. Margaret Sanger was working as a visiting nurse while her husband worked as an architect and a house painter. In November 18, 1921 Margaret Sanger gave a speech in New York City. Margaret’s speech took place at the Town Hall on a Sunday evening. The name of her speech was “The morality of Birth Control”. The reason of her speech was, so her audience could see the way she sees birth control, or so they could see it as how she sees it. Margaret Sanger thought it was an issue that people didn’t had access to contraceptives and that they didn’t have any knowledge of it. Margaret Sanger refers to the people who don’t use birth control or that don’t have knowledge of it as irresponsible and reckless. Margaret Sanger said that “Those who oppose it…show more content…
Margaret Sanger said in her speech that society is divided into three groups. The first group is divided by those who are intelligent and wealthy those who are from the upper classes, and those who have knowledge of birth control, they exercise it, and they control the size of their families. These people are considered the most respectable and moral members of the community, because they know about birth control, and they only have children when they desire. The second group is equally intelligent and responsible, because they desire to control the size of their families, but these are unable to obtain knowledge of birth control or been able to exercise it. The third group is divided and labeled as irresponsible and reckless because they do not have any knowledge of birth control and they do not exercise it. These people do not control the size of their families, and they just have children even if they don’t plan on having them, and that is why Margaret Sanger want her audience to have knowledge of birth control, so they can control the size of their families, and so they won’t just have children whenever they don’t take care of themselves. Where they might end up giving these children up, or where these children might end up suffering, or where women just end up having abortions, and these are some reasons why Margaret Sanger opened up a clinic to help people to plan
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