Margaret Sanger's Family Limitations

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The Birth of Birth Control
“A free race cannot be born of slave mothers” - Margaret Sanger (Brainy Quote). Margaret Sanger was a nurse, a feminist and an early women’s rights activist. She devoted her time towards the legalization of birth control and educating women about family planning options. Although she received opposition, Margaret Sanger revolutionized women’s battle for reproductive rights in America.
Margaret Sanger went through many obstacles but still managed to spread her message and educate women about family planning. Her pamphlet “Family Limitations” included six different methods of contraception. 100,000 copies of the pamphlet were printed and distributed illegally (Malladi). “At the time Sanger published the pamphlet, the
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Sanger used her writing ability to spread her message. “In 1914, Sanger started a feminist publication called The Woman Rebel, which promoted a woman 's right to have birth control” (“Margaret Sanger”). Sanger was so devoted to this cause that she still published her writing, knowing that it was against the law. Sanger never stopped working towards her cause. Even with little help, opposition and difficult circumstances, she was remarkably persistent in her efforts. “Rather than face a possible five-year jail sentence, Sanger fled to England. While there, she worked in the women’s movement and researched other forms of birth control” (“Margaret Sanger”). Still, in the most stressful of times, Margaret Sanger was unremitting and determined to make a difference. Through all of her trials and tribulations, she was astounding in her unending efforts. All of Sangers hard work started to pay…show more content…
Sanger’s movement was a stepping stone for many societal advances. “Sanger established the American Birth Control League, a precursor to Planned Parenthood Federation of America and served as its president...Sanger started the National Committee of Federal Legislation for Birth Control” (“Margaret Sanger”). In her lifetime, Sanger got to see progress of women’s reproductive rights in America. Many laws have changed in order to accommodate the things she was working for. Margaret Sanger was faced with controversy but is still known for her legacy. “Across the nation, there are numerous women 's health clinics that carry the Sanger name, in remembrance of her efforts to advance women 's rights and the birth control movement” (“Margaret Sanger”). Although it is presently a controversial topic, many have acknowledged and commended the work that she has done. Sanger accomplished her goal of making advances in women’s reproductive rights. Margaret Sanger fought for what she believed was right, even when she was
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